Who Are We?

Owner Glenn Hughes is an award-winning ice sculptor who has been creating beautiful ice carvings for events around the world since 2002. Glenn attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and is a certified Sous Chef. He has competed in Culinary Arts Competitions for the U.S. Army and The Art Institute of Atlanta. His love for food and art were key for the growth of the company.  

K & Z Ice Carvings is one of the oldest ice sculpting companies in Georgia with some of the fastest growth in the industry. Our 22,000 sq. ft. studio is one of the largest in the nation and each one of a kind sculpture is custom hand carved by Chef Glenn or carved by an Ice Pro CNC machine. 

We would like you to know that care and attention is given to each carving with at least four days working on each sculpture. We are known for our last minute accommodations although we prefer to take our time on sculptures and give the award-winning attention to each masterpiece. When you call K & Z Ice Carvings, you will be speaking to Glenn Hughes directly – not a receptionist. As the owner and artist, Glenn is committed to providing top-notch and friendly customer service.


2015 Glenn attended the World Ice Art Championships and placed 5th in abstract ice and 22nd over all out of 38 carvers.

2016 at the World Championships Glenn placed 5th in abstract single block and 4th place in Realistic Multi Block.

2017 Glenn and his team placed 1st in the Realistic Multi Block World Championships. 

The Crew

Chirs Little/ Cocktail Ice Wizard and Production Manager.

Chris "Red Beard" Little

Production Manager 

Every hand-cut ice cube we make passes

through his hands before they end up in 

your cocktail. We have been grateful for 

his hard work and his amazing beard since 2017.

Rick Shaw/ Product Transportation Specialist= Delivery Master

Rick "British Invasion" Shaw

Delivery/Shop Maintenance

Yes, that is an accent you hear! Whether it is sculptures or cubes, Rick will be the one bringing your ice to you. We have been lucky enough to have him work with us since 2019.

Camille Beach

Administrative Assistant/Marketing

Recent graduate of the University of Georgia, this millennial runs our social media and keeps Glenn organized. She has been working for us since 2018.

Michael Griggs

Production Assistant

Unlike Michael's hair, we are growing! Michael has come in to help Chris with our ever expanding cube orders. We are excited to have him come on board as part of the team!

Glenn Hughes Owner/ Lead Sculptor

Glenn Hughes

Owner and Chef