Ice Carve Pro 3000

Price $18,000

                                                  Ice Carve Pro 3000

The Ice Carve Pro 3000 features an aluminum frame with cold rolled steel linear rails. The primary function of this machine is to engrave ice with lettering and logos. The machine is also great for producing tabletop centerpieces, sorbet dishes and shot glasses.  The Ice Pro Lite can handle up to 5” slabs of ice with a maximum cut depth of 5”.



1.  Ice Carve Pro 3000 CNC General Information

1.1  Features

      Dimension                                          66.5” long x 42” wide and 44” tall

           Cutting Area                                        42” x 21” x 5”

           Z- Axis                                                 6”

           Max Cutting Speed                             120 inches per minute


1.2  Ice Pro CNC Package


       CNC Controller                                            Included

       640 oz Nema 23 Stepper Motors 4 ea           Included

       3/4 HP Porter Cable Laminate Trimmer         Included

       3/8, 1/4 , 1/8” bits                                         Included

       1/4 ” collets                                                  Included

       Mach III     (controller software)                    Included

       V-Carve Pro 6  (tool path software)               Included

       Computer                                                    Included

       Monitor                                                        Included

       Key Board                                                    Included

       Mouse                                                         Included

       Training one  in VA                                       Included

       Ice Library Drawing Files (2000)                              Included

       Ready to Cut Files                                                  Included