Ice Carve Pro 5000

Price $20,800

Ice Carve Pro 5000

Plug and Play

The Ice Pro CNC machine features a powder coated steel frame with stainless steel linear rails.  This beefy machine is great for cutting a full 10 inch thick block of ice.  For 3d cutouts, simply cut the design 5 inches deep on one side, flip it over and cut the design on the other side.  The Ice Pro creates professional quality ice plaques, sorbet dishes, beer glasses, shot glasses and much more. You can use one of our files, use one of your vector files, or draw your design in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or other programs.  Once you have the vector file of your choice you simply import it into V-Carve Pro and write the tool paths.  Then, you open the file in Mach III and run the program.


 Ice Carve Pro Customer Comments

“ I can honestly say that a large contributor to the growth of my company is due to the fact that I added a CNC machine to my “tool box”. This is no ordinary CNC machine. My machine is the first commercially sold Ice Pro CNC. After spending a year researching  and weighing the pros/ cons of all of the CNC machines out there I decided to go to Sparky’s Ice Sculptures for my CNC needs. This machine has given me the freedom to carve corporate logos at the same time that I am carving my 3D carvings. The best part of it is the machine can even give me my 3D outline cuts and allows me to make standardized carvings. Now that I have owned my machine for over a year I can honestly say that I would have paid double for the quality and precision that the Ice Pro CNC provides. “

 Glenn Hughes,  K&Z Ice Carvings Atlanta, GA

“Acquiring the Ice Pro was definitely the right move to enhance my sculpture business. It's capabilities are impressive and I am able to provide my customers with high quality sculptures in a fraction of the time it takes me to hand carve. After the 2 days training with Sparky and a basic computer design knowledge, it has been really easy to start producing amazing results."

Diego Acheverry , Cool Ice Inc  Tampa, Florida



Dimensions  34” x 63” x 76”is  12”


CNC Controller

Three 850 oz stepper motors

3 ½ HP Porter Cable Router


Mach III -  runs the machine

V-Carve Pro-  tool path software

½" bit, ¼" bit, 1/8" bit

 ½"  & 3/8" Collette

Hundreds of design files

2 days of training